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Within the framework of COST 732, an exercise has been conducted, where several groups have used the MUST data set for model validation.

The present page gives access to tools and results obtained during the exercise. It is of relevance for participants in the exercise, as well as for technically minded persons from outside.

The exercise is further described in an official document of the COST 732 action:  COST 732 Model Evaluation Case Studies: Approach and Results (2010).  Michael Schatzmann, Helge Olesen and Jörg Franke (eds.). 122 pp, 4 MB pdf file.

The following material is available from here:

  • A brief introduction to three spreadsheets that is useful for those working with the data (Guide to Excel sheets for MUST exercise ). It was last updated in July 2008, and describes both the "Full workbooks" and the "Saved-Metrics workbooks" mentioned below.
  • Description_ver1_002.xls  A small Excel file with a description of the model runs by the various modellers. Included in the packages mentioned below. Updated December 5, 2008.
  • package with the four 'Full workbooks' (as a very large zip file, 50 MB). It includes simulation results for a large number of models, and allows easy graphical inspection of the details of every case for all of the models
    The package was updated June 29, 2009 to enable it to be used with Excel 2007. The last update to the results in the package occured on December 5, 2008.
  • package with 'Saved Metrics' workbooks  (15 MB). This is a group of workbooks, containing essential information on model performance extracted from the "Full workbooks". The package also includes an additional workbook that uses Gaussian fitting to describe main features of the pollution cloud. This package was updated December 5, 2008.
  • Plume_CFD.zip  (52 MB!). A package with an additional workbook that uses Gaussian fitting to describe main features of the pollution cloud. The package contains a very large workbook with formulas and a  much smaller, which is adequate if you just need the resulting graphs. The small workbook is also included in the 'Saved Metrics package' mentioned above. Updated December 5, 2008). Used for the paper " The MUST model evaluation exercise: Patterns in model performance"  by Olesen et al., 2008 presented at the 12th Internat. conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes.
  • The package MUST_NewData.zip (5 MB) that contains a special version of the above-mentioned workbooks - intended for use by COST 732 participants who want to submit their results to the common collection of model results.

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