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Model diagram

Figure 1a: Schematic diagram showing the main modules for MM5V1 and DREAM and the flowchart for the whole model system. The meteorological data and terrain/landuse data are given as input to MM5V1 or directly to DREAM. DATAGRID and TERRAIN are preprocessors to MM5V1. The source data are given as input to the Lagrangian model. Advanced techniques are implemented to visualize and animate the output both from MM5V1 and DREAM.

Figure 1b: Illustration of the coupling between the Lagrangian model and the Eulerian model. The square indicates the area where the Lagrangian model is applied. The Eulerian model is applied in the whole model area. The source is located in the center of the square. The figure shows a single puff located at the boundary of the Lagrangian model area where the puff is incorporated into the Eulerian model (see Brandt et al., 1996.