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Direct address to the current web page: www.au.dk/oml-international

Danish home page for OML: www.au.dk/oml

The OML model is an atmospheric dispersion model. 

In August 2020 a new version - version 7.0 has been released. Version 7.0 estimates ammonia deposition from animal housing located in Denmark with outlet heights less than 15 m, and is a simplified version of OML-DEP. This new part of the deposition interface is in Danish only.

In October 2017 version 6.2 - was released. (revised in March 2018)   

OML is a modern Gaussian plume model intended to be used for distances up to about 20 km from the source. The source is typically one or more stacks, and possibly also area sources. Typically, the OML model is applied for regulatory purposes. In particular, it is the recommended model to be used for environmental impact assessments when new industrial sources are planned in Denmark. The model can be used for both high and low sources; it is not suitable for complex terrain conditions.

Further information:

Purchase and upgrades

Purchase of OML-Multi 7.0

The price for OML-Multi 7.0 is 18900 Dkr (ex.vat.)

Upgrade to OML-Multi 7.0

Users of OML-Multi 6.2 can upgrade to version 7.0. The price is 3000 Dkr   (ex.vat.)

Users of earlier Windows versions of OML-Multi can upgrade to version 7.0. The price is 6000 Dkr (ex.vat.)

Requests should be sent to pl@envs.au.dk.


International version of OML: www.au.dk/oml-international