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Department of environmental science invites all with professional insight and interest in research in the field of environmental science for cooperation. The Institute periodically seeks new staff and PhD students, which we advertise via the central system at Aarhus University. You can investigate further by choosing from the left menu. Here you can also examine which subjects you might choose for your thesis.

A little about us

Our research field includes organic, chemical and physical contexts in the environment, as well as economic, political and social conditions in the interaction between the environment and society.

The professional expertise range from atmospheric chemistry and physics, environmental chemistry, microbiology and biotechnology, environmental economics, environment, geography, political science and sociology.

We are about 150 employees as well as students and guest researchers. Together, we have an exciting and inspiring work and student life, and we are working closely with researchers from many Danish and foreign institutions.

If you after reading about our work will want to work with us, you are always welcome to contact one of our employees.