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The Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Bioscience at Aarhus University hold joint accreditation (chemical analyses, including sampling and in situ measurements). According to the conditions for the accreditation the institutes are annually controlled by DANAK, the Danish laboratory for accreditation of laboratories, which ensures that organization and tests (analyses, sample collection and in situ measurements) comply with the international standard ISO 17025 "General requirements for testing and calibration laboratories' competence".

The accreditation covers the following areas for the Department of Environmental Sciences:


  • Rainwater
  • Gases and particles in outdoor air

In situ measurements:

  • Continuous measurement of air pollution

Chemical analysis:

  • Inorganic ions (including nutrient salts) from precipitation and air samples
  • Elemental analysis in precipitation from air and air samples
  • Pesticides in surface water
  • PCBs and chlorinated pesticides in biota
  • Brominated flame retardants in biota
  • PAHs in sediment and biota

Testing is carried out at the laboratories in Roskilde and from stationary or mobile monitoring stations equipped with relevant monitoring equipment.

The Department of Environmental Sciences has also been approved in relation to the requirements of the "Order on quality requirements for environmental measurements" for analysis of a number of substance groups in different matrices. The accreditation is continuously updated with approval according to the applicable quality notice.

The complete list of accredited tests can be found in the method list which can be seen on DANAK's website (method list for reg. No. 411).

In addition to accredited testing, a number of sample collections, continuous recording measurements and analyses are carried out in connection with research and development. The scope and quality assurance of these analyses is usually according to the same quality management system as for the accredited tests.