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Work experience



Work experience at the Department of Environmental Sciences and the Department of Bioscience - (Campus Roskilde)

If you are interested in science - we will recruit 2 business interns in week 10 and week 41.

Department of Environmental Science and Department of Bioscience collect, process and evaluate information on the nature and the environment. We use this knowledge to advise politicians, ie The Government and the Parliament, as well as authorities in ministries, governments, regions and municipalities.

Greenlandic self-government also makes use of our research-based advice, just as the European Union and Danish society benefit from our work.

During the week, you will follow the lab technicians and thus gain insight into the many different tasks we have.

Field work may occur to a lesser extent.

The place of work is located: Frederiksborgvej 399, 4000 Roskilde (Risø)

If you are interested, you can write an application to:

Tanja Begovic: tab@envs.au.dk

Berit Langkilde Møller: blm@bios.au.dk

Jonna Riedel: jri@envs.au.dk