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Thesis topics

Special opportunities at the Department of Environmental Sciences

Are you interested in the environment and our impact on it, so is a specialized space at the Institute of environmental science a consideration worth. In environmental science, you have the option to perform your specialty within our current environmental research areas. In this way, you can help to increase our knowledge, or identify the scope of a current environmental problem — or perhaps suggest a solution!

We carry out research into and advise authorities of:

  • Air quality and traffic
  • Economic and sociological consequences of environmental change
  • Instance, bioavailability and degradation of substances alien to the environment
  • Microbial Ecology and ecosystem services
  • Land use and effects of our changes to these
  • Flow of resources, waste and organics in the environment
  • The importance of the environment for health
  • Environmental impacts of energy production.

We have well equipped and organized laboratory conditions, and we prioritize security high.

Do you have an idea for a project within our areas of work you are very welcome to contact the relevant section or project manager.

Click the pictures below to get an overview of all current thesis topics within the shown areas.