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Atmospheric Emissions & Modelling

The Section for Atmospheric Emissions & Modelling includes three groups: Group for Atmospheric Emissions, Group for Atmospheric Modelling and Group for Climate Modelling

Field of work for Atmospheric Emissions
The Group for Atmospheric Emissions conducts research and consultancy, which relates to emissions of air pollution and greenhouse gases. The group is responsible for the official Danish air emission inventories and the reporting to the EU and UN as part of Denmark’s international obligations. The group is also responsible for geographic distribution and projection of emissions.

Field of work for Atmospheric Modelling
The Group for Atmospheric Modelling conducts research that focuses on the fundamental processes involved in atmospheric transport, chemical transformation and deposition of air pollution. The group develops and applies local to hemispheric scale air pollution models and also integrates air pollution models with environmental and health impacts, economic valuation and climate change. 

Field of work for Climate Modelling

The Climate Modeling Group works with issues related to climate dynamics, climate change and climate feedbacks on both large and small scales. We work with Arctic warming and feedbacks, ice sheet mass balance, short-lived climate forcers, aerosol-climate interactions, terrestrial ecosystem and carbon cycle modeling, and machine learning for downscaling and estimating local-scale changes and impacts. Emphasis is somewhat on the high-latitude and Arctic areas but not limited thereto. We employ a variety of modeling tools, ranging from global-scale Earth System Models (ESMs) to process models.