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Using OML-Multi under Windows Vista

The problem described below does not exist for OML-Multi version 6.0 or newer versions.

In order to run OML-Multi 5.0 under Windows Vista you should observe the following:

Starting the programme

You have to run the program as administrator. This implies that you must start the programme by right-clicking the shortcut to OML-Multi. Choose 'Run as administrator'.

If you just try to start OML-Multi in the normal way you'll get a series of error messages, and the computations cannot be carried through.

Using the Help Text

For users of OML-Multi the help text is important. However, Windows Vista does not include the necessary files to show the help text. For this reason, you must download the relevant files from the web site of Microsoft.

Specifically, you must download the file WinHlp32.exe. You can find instructions at https://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607 (if this link doesn't work, try searching for 'Winhelp in Windows Vista' ).

Under Windows Vista the Help does not have full functionality, as pdf files cannot be opened from within the Help Text. This affects the note "Handling the influence of buildings in the OML model". You must open the note directly from C:\Program Files\OML-Multi\BuildEffect.pdf