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Air quality data

Due to changes in the website's architecture, there may be a lack of access to data on this and underlying pages.

Will be relevant in the period 20/9 2023 and until first of October.

Air quality has improved in Denmark during the last decades due to long-term national and international initiatives reducing emission of several air pollutants. Another reason for better air quality in Denmark compared to other places is the meteorological conditions in Denmark. Our windy climate contributes to decreased concentrations of air pollution. Since 2017, no exceedance of the Danish limit values has been observed; however, exceedances of WHOs recommendations for air quality are still identified.

As part of the monitoring program, data is publically available and thus enabling everyone to obtain knowledge about air pollution and the present levels. Air pollution forecasts for three days forward can be explored at our webpage. Furthermore, the website presents data showing the trends over time as well as the geographical distribution along with historical data.

During the summer months, the ozone concentrations are closely monitored as increased ozone levels might have negative impact on people with respiratory diseases, e.g. asthma. In cooperation with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, we issue a press release if the ozone level exceeds a certain limit. However, this happens only one to two times within two years.