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Direct address to the current webpage: www.au.dk/THOR

THOR refers to multi-scale modelling from hemispheric scale to street scale using a coupling of the air pollution models of DEHM, UBM and OSPM. The models have been developed over the past 20 years and have become increasingly better at describing the chemical and physical processes while improving spatial and temporal resolution. Finally, faster computers have made it possible to run the models for larger geographic domains and for longer time periods.

THOR is a key modelling chain for many applications e.g. air pollution epidemiological studies, mapping of air quality at many address locations, impact assessment studies of policy measures and air pollution forecast.

One of the first applications was the THOR forecast system that consists of DEHM, UBM and OSPM and a forecast model for the weather. The system runs operational to produce 3-day air pollution forecasts for Denmark and at selected locations.

The THOR forecast system was awarded an international environmental price "The Green Apple Award" by the independent "The Green Organisation" in England. The THOR-system was the Gold Winner of the International Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice, 2003. Read more here (http://envs.au.dk/videnudveksling/luft/model/thor/greenapple/)