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Selected nature areas

For the most recent data on the fallout of nitrogen for natural areas, please download on the Danish environmental portal, from here you will move On to Denmark's area information. To get an overview of air pollution data on the Danish environmental portal, please read this article. In the menu on the right, you can access older data.

Detailed calculations have been performed using the The model OML-DEP. The model calculates dry deposition of ammonia to an area of 16 km x 16 km around the selected natural area. You can read more details by clicking on one of the years. The results are available in the form of tables and maps in the style of the displayed. Note that the dry deposition resulting from ammonia -shown on the cards-represents only a small fraction of the total nitrogen deposition.

Tørdeposition af ammoniak (regnet som kg N/ha) ved Hjelm Hede 2008