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Nitrogen deposition


Each year calculations are made of the fallout of nitrogen and sulphur to the Danish fairgrounds as well as to Danish land areas.

The page here provides access to maps and tables with calculation results. In the menu on the right you will find calculation results covering the whole of Denmark. In addition, detailed calculation results are available for selected natural areas.

On the calculations of fallout

The decrease of nitrogen and sulphur is calculated each year in the context of air monitoring in the national programme for monitoring the aquatic environment and nature (Novana).

The latest report on fallout calculations relates to the result for the year 2016-see the report or summary. The report provides information on the background and method of calculation of deposition, and it provides foklaring on sources of deposition, the Danish share, the importance of deposition, uncertainties, as well as on trends. There are reports from a number of years back. They also titled "Atmospheric Deposition..." And can be found among Au's releases.