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Waste and resources

Our modern society produces a massive amount of waste. Danish society is no exception; we produce millions of tons of waste every year. In the world of scarce resources, with increasing pollution and climate crisis, there is a need to rethink waste management and recycling into the consumption of consumer goods.

With our research on waste and resources, we want to support the transition to sustainable recycling. We want to understand the preconditions and consequences of different sustainable recycling strategies. In our research, we focus on how recycling of waste from households and businesses can help create value. We look at how material selection can help us make better use of our limited resources. We work on how to ensure that products on the market are long-lasting and can be repaired. And finally, we look at how food waste can be reduced.

Here are some examples of research questions that we work with:

  • How can households be integrated into a more sustainable use of waste resources through sorting of waste and better design of the waste infrastructure?
  • How is a waste management designed that maximize welfare?
  • Which policy management tools would be most appropriate to use to create incentives for greater recycling?
  • How does the current regulation work, and how does it interact with other regulation?
  • How can food, clothing, IT, household utensils, and other products and services be made more sustainable?