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Infrastructure and transport

Urban mobility and transport is at the center of this research area which combine different research disciplines in examination, identification and assessment of major challenges for sustainable urban mobility. With an outlook to UN’s SDG’s and urbanization, our research combine infrastructure use, air quality and transport technology with transport behavior, transport policy and issues such as climate mitigation, social inequality, social cohesion and urban wellbeing.

The research addresses questions such as:

  • How can cities integrate sustainable transport systems in urban plans and policies
  • How is transport behaviours affected by urban form and design
  • What are the dynamics linking urban mobility, social cohesion and social equality
  • How can sustainable mobility support and be integrated in transitions to post-carbon cities
  • How is cycle mobility integrated in urban policies to promote climate friendly, healthy and liveable cities
  • How are urban mobility issues integrated in other policies and what coordination problems appear to brake sustainable urban transport systems
  • How is urban mobility integrated in urban everyday lives
  • How is urban mobility integrated in the place making of everyday lives, policy and planning and application of technologies
  • What are the links between (sustainable) urban mobility and public health in cities.