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Energy and climate

We research what conditions should be present when we want to switch to a society based on sustainable supply and consumption of energy, resources and materials - and what consequences it will have, including for the emission of greenhouse gasses. The purpose of our research is to support a transition towards a more sustainable society.

Some of the overall issues we are dealing with are:

  • How can we reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the sectors, including transport, agriculture, and energy?
  • Which renewable energy systems are socio-economic suitable?
  • How can increased energy efficiency, sustainable energy production and intelligent supply networks be integrated into daily lives and households?
  • How can a more sustainable use of materials be integrated into the households?
  • How can the use and consumption of food, clothing, IT, household utensils, other products and services be made more sustainable?
  • How can material use and waste be dealt with in a way that balances overall societal benefits, and what is possible, meaningful and beneficial for businesses and households?
  • What kind of political governance is suited to motivating a behavior that promotes sustainability?
  • How can political regulation incentivize an increased carbon stock in soils and biomass?
  • How does current political regulation related to energy and climate mitigation work and how does it interact with other policies in other sectors?