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Public regulation

We can do a lot with public regulation in the transition to sustainable energy and waste systems. For example, we can accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy supply with economic regulation. And we can, for example, in our planning of our cities, landscapes and the way we move in promoting the use of sustainable materials. In public regulation we work, among other things. with questions like:

  • Do current policy instruments ensure sustainable use of energy and materials?
  • Are we motivated by the regulations and do the regulations have the change in behavior as it was intended?
  • In the future, what policy instruments will ensure that we reach our goals at the lowest possible cost? Is it, for example, green taxes, subsidy schemes or information campaigns? Or do we achieve better results with a mix of instruments?
  • How does current regulation play with policies in other sectors? For example, does agricultural policy and transport policy counteract each other, and if so, can we work on a better interaction?
  • How do we work on an interaction between regulations at local, regional, national and EU level?