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Research projects

Recent and current research projects on energy and materials cover both economic and sociological and political studies:

  • Capacity building, program development and communication about environmental taxes and budget reform
  • Socio-economic analysis of biofuels in the transport sector (REBECa). The whole report
  • Welfare economic assessment of selected biogas plants. The whole report Socio-economic consequences of reducing NOx emissions from natural gas fired engines at CHP plants. Summary | The whole report
  • Sustainable hydrogen in the transport sector: user needs and civilian patterns (How2Use).
  • Household response to climate change and climate policies ( NORD-Star ).
  • Sociocultural aspects of the use of wood stoves (Wooduse).
  • Social barriers to a hydrogen-based energy system (Hyscene).
  • Which actors are there in the biogas area, and what does it mean for the possibilities of integrating the policies in the area (BIOSOC).
  • What role can green tax reform play in the transition (COMETR).
  • Energy systems