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Smart cities

Research in smart cities centres on how digital tools provide novel instruments for decision support, public participation and produce knowledge on urban areas. In addition, smart cities also examine how ICT and digital tools are integrated in urban transitions and management of major environmental challenges, including air quality, mobility and climate changes.

Research addresses questions such as:

  • How can ICT provide decision support on major environmental challenges, including specifically climate changes and air quality
  • How does the introduction of digital platforms expand the scope and reach of public participation in urban decision making processes
  • How do digital technologies, e.g. sensors, support collection of relevant, detailed and individualized knowledge on urban behaviours 
  • How can updated environmental apps improve the health and wellbeing of urban citizens
  • How can vision workshops and scenarios involving diverse platforms and wide representation of urban stakeholders support policy making on wicked issues, especially concerning transition and strategic urban development
  • How do digital platforms and methods enhance knowledge on urban issues through mapping, visualization and big data
  • How does GIS provide input to urban development, in particular urban decisions