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Air quality monitoring stations in Odense

Two stations in an urban area

  • Grønløkkevej/9155: Street station (10o22'0" E, 55o23'50" N) See photos
    24 h measurements of PM10
    ½ h measurements of NO, NO2, NOx and CO 
  • Odense Rådhus/9159: Roof top (10o23'21" E, 55o23'47" N)  See photos
    ½ h measurements of NO, NO2, NOx and O3 and meteorological parameters

The street station in Odense (station no. 9155) is placed at Grønløkkevej, which is in the western part of central Odense. It runs roughly from North to South The road has a width of around 16 m, including pavement and bicycle lane. In 2012 around 14.000 motor vehicles passed daily. This number is expected to increase to more than 20.000 vehicles daily in 2024 as a result of traffic reorganisation in Odense.The monitoring station is placed close to the pavement at the western side of the street and aound 5 m from the edge of the road. The buildings in the area are of various types: minor businesses and shops to the west of the road, and three-story apartment buildings to the east. The monitoring station was established in June 2016 (see the log of station changes below).

The roof station (station no. 9159) is on the roof of the city hall of Odense. Almost surrounded by the old town with houses of a few storeys. The area is dominated by minor department stores and minor business. Towards south is a green area around Odense Å.

Log of station changes:

  • During the period 2001-2015 the street station 9155 was located in Albanigade. The station in Albanigade was closed June 16, 2015 due to reorganisation of traffic in central Odense. In the months prior to June the traffic in Albanigade was significantly reduced, and in the last period there was no traffic at all.
    From June 2016 the measurements were continued, but at Grønløkkevej.
  • Prior to year 2000 a street station was operated at Hunderupgade/9154 . It was closed at the end of year 2000, and replaced by 9155 in Albanigade.

Photos for Grønløkkevej station (9155)

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Photos for Odense Rådhus station(9159)

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