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Air quality monitoring station in Risø

In June 2010 the monitoring station Lille Valby was moved approximately 2 km towards the West to the Risø Peninsula. After June 2010 the station is designated by the name Risø. The present page describes both stations. 

    A station in a background area

  • Lille Valby/2090 and Risø: Represent regional background    See photos
    24 h measurements of PM10 and PM2.5 - elements (including heavy metals) in both size fractions
    ½ h measurements of NO, NO2, NOx, CO, O3 and PM10 
    Coordinates for Risø: 12o 5' 19" E, 55o38'40" N. (UTM. Zone 32, WGS84 Easting_32 694118 Northing_32 6176359). 
    Coordinates for Lille Valby: 12o 7' 7" E, 55o41'41" N. 


Both Risø and Lille Valby are background stations placed about 25 km west of the city center of Copenhagen in a flat area with agricultural activity . The nearest town is Roskilde with 50,000 inhabitants about 6 km south of the station. A north-south going highway with a traffic density of a few thousands cars per day is passing between the two locations (around 1 km west of Lille Valby and 1 km East of Risø). Otherwise, the industrial and traffic-related activities in the area are limited. 

Photos for Risø station(2090)

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