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Air quality monitoring stations in Aalborg

Two stations in an urban area

  • Vesterbro/8152: street station (9o55' 3" E, 57o 3' 8" N) 
    24 h measurements of PM2.5
    ½ h measurements of NO, NO2, NOx, CO and SO2


  • Østerbro/8158: Roof top station ( 9o55'51" E, 57o 2'46"N) See photos
    24 h measurements of PM2.5
    ½ h measurements of NO, NO2, NOx and O3. Meteorological parameters are measured at a location app. 1 km south of the station.
    The station is started September 2004 and replaces 8159.

Location on the map

The main station (station no. 8151) is in the center of the city on the east side of Vesterbro at the ramp leading to the bridge over Limfjorden. The distance to the nearest car lane is around 4 m. On the east side of the street is a two-storeys office building. On the west side is a 12-storeys apartment building with a few shops. The area north of the station is open towards the water, while a major street crossing controlled by traffic lights is located south of the station. There is about 34 m between the buildings at the station and beside pavements and bicycle lanes on both sides of the street there are two north going and three south going car lanes. The station is placed in an area dominated by 3½ to 5½ storeys apartment buildings with local shops, restaurants and minor business. Around 28,500 motor vehicles are passing the station at workdays. 

Note that the street station is temporarily closed due to reconstruction work. Will be relocated.

The roof station (station no. 8158) is placed at a the roof of a 6 storeys building east of the city center at the address Østerbro 7. The area is dominated by 4-6 storeys buildings.

Station history

Until July 2004 there was a roof station no. 8159. In 2004 it was replaced by no. 8158. The old roof station (8159) was located in the very center of the city on the roof of a few storeys building housing the city technical administration. The building was placed on an open area between the street of Vesterbro, with 4-7½ storeys apartment buildings on both sides, towards west and the railroad tracks towards east. A park area with a concert hall (Aalborghallen) was located south of the station. Public parking lots occupied the closest vicinity on the north, east and south sides of the building with the roof station.  

Info about the previous roof station 8159:

  • Coordinates: 9o54'54" E, 57o 2'43"N  
  • 24 h measurements of PM10 and elements
  • ½ h measurements of NO, NO2, NOx, O3 and meteorological parameters. 

Photos for Østerbro station (8158)

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