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Licensing, price list and contact information

Licensing conditions

The licensing conditions for OML-Highway give the licensee right to use one copy of the program on one PC at the time controlled by a physical USB license key, as long as they are physically present at the address of registration; also included by the license are laptops and home computers for employees working at the specified address.

Note that a company having branches at several physical locations is required to have separate licenses for each branch where the program is applied.

Hardware and software requirements

The OML-Highway is an extension for ESRI® ArcGIS as part of SELMAGIS and hence requires that you have an ArcGIS license. The OML-Highway is only available for Windows®.

SELMAGIS require the operating system Windows 10 and a license of ArcGIS 9.1 - 9.3.1, 10.x We recommend a PC with minimum Processor Pentium ® IV or equivalent, minimum speed 3.0 GHz, minimum DDRAM 512 MB better 1 GB and HDD minimum 100 GB.

Apart from a license for ArcGIS you need to obtain a base module license for SELMAGIS and a license for OML-Highway. In case you already have SELMAGIS you only need the OML-Highway.

Price List



Academic institutions

SELMAGIS Base Module

1950 EUR

975 EUR


2000 EUR

1000 EUR

SELMAGIS Base Module and OML-Highway

3950 EUR

1975 EUR

Support and maintenance

12% of the license cost per year

12% of the license cost per year

All prices are exclusive VAT (25%) for Danish customers. No VAT for international customers.


This price includes 6 months support (starting at delivery date) with data and software updates and limited telephone and email hotline (short questions regarding the software not consulting work).

After the support period has expired (6 months after delivery) we offer a maintenance contract where we continue to provide you with data and software updates and continue the hotline service as described above.

Ordering Information

OML-Highway can be ordered at:

Aarhus University
Department of Environmental Science (ENVS)* 
Att. Steen Solvang Jensen
P.O. Box 358, DK-4000 Roskilde.

Email: ssj@envs.au.dk

Tel. +45 87 15 85 73 (direct) 
Tel. +45 87 15 44 00 (switchboard)
Fax +45 87 15 50 10

*New institute since July2011 formerly a part of the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI)