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Air pollution can be caused by a number of different particles and substances. Below you can investigate further what characterizes the individual components and what their significance is. If, on the other hand, you want an overview of the pollution situation in Denmark in its entirety, you can read the annual reports.

Particle pollution tells of pollution from firewood, from which the particles come, levels, trends and provides links to web pages and reports of particle pollution.

The descriptions under the various buttons on the right tell you how the substances occur, what they can cause, trends, measurement results and their limit values ​​according to the EU directive.

Some substances have the character of nutrients, but when they occur in excessive quantities and in the wrong places, they have a polluting effect on nature and in the aquatic environment. Nutrients and acidifying substances describe how they occur, tolerance limits, oxygen depletion and other air pollution than nitrogen. Calculations of fallout provide access to maps and tables with results for deposition of nitrogen and sulfur. The calculations are performed once a year.