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The station was closed at the end of 2000.

    Former station in an urban area

    The station was closed at the end of 2000 and replaced by Albanigade in 2001. Albanigade was in operation 2001-2015, then the street station in Odense was moved to Grønløkkevej.
    • Hunderupgade/9154: Street station (10023'46" E, 55022'55" N)
      24 h measurements of TSP, elements and SO2

    The former station (station no. 9154) on the north side of Hunderupgade, which serves as a ring road around 1 km from the center of the city. The station was placed close to the crossing between Hunderupgade and Hjallesevej, which takes the main part of the traffic between the center and the southern surroundings. Hunderupgade is around 15 m wide and the average traffic density is 20,500 cars per day, while Hjallesevej is around 9 m wide and is passed by 14,000 cars per day.