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Odense - Albanigade

The station was closed on June 16, 2015.

Former station in an urban area 

The station has been replaced by a station at Grønløkkevej, which has retained the number 9155.
Cf. the page on current monitoring stations in Odense.

Information on the monitoring station in Albanigade

  • Albanigade/9155: Kerb site (10o23'38" E, 55o23'40" N)
    24 h measurements of PM10
    ½ h measurements of NO, NO2, NOx and CO

The street station in Albanigade (station no. 9155) was situated on the pavement close to the bicycle lane on the north-east side of the street. Albanigade was the main road for the north-south going traffic through the city center. Prior to reorganisation of traffic in Odense (2015) the situation was the following:
There was a 2 m wide bicycle lane on both sides of the 16 m wide roadway. The street goes slightly up-hill from the small river (Odense Å), which passes under the street around 200 m north-west of the station. In average 19,000 motor vehicles pass the station every day. The buildings on both side of the street close to the station are 8 to 10 m high , but the height of the buildings in the surrounding area vary. A green area is located along the river west of the station. 

Prior to year 2000 a street station in Odense was operated at Hunderupgade.