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Direct address to the current web page: www.au.dk/OSPM

OSPM® is an operational street pollution model, developed by the Department of Environmental Science at Aarhus University (the former National Environmental Research Institute, Department of Atmospheric Environment).

A digital map of air quality of annual concentrations of NO2, PM2.5 and PM10 in 2012 has for the first time been presented on the internet for all 2.4 million addresses in Denmark. The map is created using among others the OSPM and AirGIS.

The link to the WebGIS map is: http://luftenpaadinvej.au.dk

A short description of the data can be found under:
Jensen, S.S., Ketzel, M., Becker, T., Christensen, J.H., Brandt, J., Plejdrup, M., Winther, M., Nielsen, O.-K., Hertel, O., and Ellermann, T., 2016. Air Street Map – High Resolution Multi-scale Air Quality Modeling for All Addresses in Denmark. AMA Science – special issue on basis of COST TD1105 meeting in Prague 2016. DOI: 10.5162/6EuNetAir2016/04.


Evaluation version

A free evaluation version (Version 5.1.90, dated March 30, 2007)
of WinOSPM (OSPM with a Windows user interface) can be downloaded.