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HFCs PFCs and SF6

This part of the Danish inventory only comprises a full data set for all substances from 1995. From 1995 to 2000, there was a continuous and substantial increase in the contribution from the range of f-gases as a whole (134.6 %), calculated as the sum of emissions in CO2 equivalents. In 2000-2009, the increase of f-gas emissions continues with a lower increasing rate than for the years 1995 to 2000. Hereafter, the f-gas emission decreases.
The use of HFCs has increased several folds and HFCs have become the dominant f-gases, comprising 68.8 % in 1995 but 94.8 % in 2021. HFCs are mainly used as a refrigerant. SF6 contributed considerably to the f-gas sum in earlier years, with 31.0 % in 1995 and reduced to 5.2 % in 2021. Due to environmental awareness the Danish legislation regulates the use of f-gases, e.g. since January 1, 2007 new HFC-based refrigerant stationary systems are forbidden. Refill of old systems are still allowed and the use of air condition-ing in mobile systems increases.

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