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Air Pollutants

The emission inventory for air pollution cover a wide range of pollutants, reported in the following groups:

A brief description for each pollutant are included on the page Emissions, and emission data are available for download via the emissions data viewer.


Brief descriptions of main sources and trends for emissions are available for the individual air pollutants on the page Emissions.

Emission data viewer

Emission data are available in the emission data viewer, which enable preparing user-defined emission tables and charts. A short user manual is available, describing the most important features in the data viewer. Emission data can be downloaded in the selected format using the data viewer.

Supporting documentation

The annual Danish documentation reports of the air emission inventories are comprehensive. The documentation reports include methodological descriptions as well as information on the activity data, emission factors and other calculation parameters used in the emission estimation. Supporting documentation not feasible to include in the report is available online.


DCE is responsible for preparing the official Danish projections of air pollution on request from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. Information regarding projections and reference to the projection reports are available here.

Emission reduction commitments

The objectives of the original Gothenburg Protocol was to control and reduce the emissions of SO2, NOx, NMVOC and NH3. Emission ceilings have been set from the knowledge of critical loads and environmental impact on ecosystems within the geographical area of Europe. Information regarding the emission ceilings for Denmark in 2010 according to the Gothenburg Protocol and NECD, and the reduction percentages for 2020 in accordance with the revised Gothenburg Protocol and the NECD) and 2030 (in accordance with the NECD) is available here.