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Supporting documentation

The annual Danish documentation reports of the air emission inventories are comprehensive. The documentation reports include methodological descriptions as well as information on the activity data, emission factors and other calculation parameters used in the emission estimation.

During reviews an increasing amount of data have been requested to the extent that it is no longer feasible to include it in a report format. Therefore, it has been decided that a large part of the supporting documentation in forms of data tables will be made available online rather than including it in the reports themselves.

The supporting documentation for air pollution as relevant for the Informative Inventory Report (IIR) are listed below according to the annex list in the latest IIR. 

Follow the links to see the supporting data:

Stationary combustion

Mobile combustion, historical years

Mobile combustion, projection years

Industrial processes product use



Emissions data following the Nomenclature for Reporting (NFR) and the annual documentation report for the air pollution emissions inventory can be found on the Eionet Central Data Repository (CDR) using this LINK.