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Air pollution in Greenland

Long-range transport of air pollution is measured in Greenland at the Villum Research Station located at the military base, Station Nord, in North Greenland.

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency is funding the present monitoring program for air pollution in the Arctic; a monitoring program that has developed tremendously since the program was initiated in 1990. The measurements are performed within the international program “Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program, AMAP” connected to the Artic Council.

Until 2014, all monitoring were conducted in a small shack, Flyger’s Hut, located 2.5 km outside Station Nord. However, in 2013 and 2014 the monitoring of the atmosphere were moved into 110 m2 of new facilities with air inlets for measurements of particles and gasses present in the Arctic air. The new facilities are placed 2 km outside Station Nord and 500 m from the Flyger’s Hut.