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About Villum Research Station


VILLUM RESEARCH STATION is located at the military station, Station North, in North Greenland. A number of researchers from all over the world live at the station. Their stay is linked to the research program described by the individual researchers and subsidized from home. The station is thus financed through the taxes that the researchers pay for their stay. Data from the atmospheric monitoring program is provided free of charge to researchers working at the Villum Research Station.

The climate station is owned by the Greenlandic government and is run by Aarhus University in collaboration with the Armed Forces. The station is established on the basis of funds from the Danish private fund Villum Foundation. It is located approx. 2 km outside Station Nord. Here we measure air temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind speed and direction, short wave incoming and outgoing radiation, network radiation and UVB radiation. We also measure a large number of air pollutants.