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Health effect

AU collaborates with other Danish institutions on researching the effect of air pollution on health. AIRPOLIFE

Thus, AU is part of a large Danish cross-disciplinary research group (Center of Excellence) focusing on air pollution and health, called AIRPOLIFE. AIRPOLIFE consists of 11 partners from universities, hospitals and sector research institutions. AIRPOLIFE is headed by Professor Steffen Loft, Department of Public Health, University of Copenhagen.

You can read more on AIRPOLIFE's website.

The ISMF research center

AU is among the participating institutions in the Ministry of the Interior and Health's Environmental Medicine Research Center, ISMF. ISMF publishes a magazine that disseminates the center's research - see if any. this overview of ISMF articles on air pollution or the ISMF website.

Ultrafine particles

A research area that is particularly focused on the present is the importance of contamination with particles, especially of the so-called ultrafine particles. The ultra-fine particles have a number of properties due to their size and large surface area, which makes them particularly dangerous. Much suggests that very small particles are one of the most serious health problems.

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In addition, in many of AU's publications you can find sections on the health effects of air pollution. See Publications.