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The microbiology of the air


At the department, we research in airborne incidence and spread of microorganisms in the external environment, ie. We collect viruses, bacteria and fungal spores in air, in precipitation and clouds. We quantify and characterize the microorganisms as part of our studies on the effects of naturally occurring airborne bacteria on climate and the environment. We have a particular focus on ice formation and oxygenation of greenhouse gases and air pollution.

We also investigate the importance of microorganisms and microbially produced organic volatiles in particle formation. Data from these studies can also be used as input in the Institute's models for air dispersion, both in relation to effects on climate and the environment and in relation to effects on human health. We also focus on airborne spread of pathogenic and antibiotic resistant microorganisms. In particular, we are involved in studies of spreading from stables and in connection with spreading slurry on the fields.

The research topic is a new international theme, and we contribute, among other things. developing methods for collecting and identifying the airborne microorganisms.