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Environmental toxicology and risk analysis combines the properties of chemical compounds with their transport and transformation in the environment as well as how they affect the environment. We compare the effects of the substances on humans and the environment with their presence and can thereby determine the risks they can pose to humans and ecosystems. The risk analysis describes if specific chemical compounds constitute a problem for the environment and / or human health.

Many people are concerned about harmful chemicals that exist in the environment. This applies in particular to the pollution of our resources, e.g. water, air, soil and food. Furthermore, people are also concerned about exposure to chemicals through consumer products and how chemicals affects their health. Toxicology and risk analysis assess these concerns and contribute to legislation and decision-making of chemicals.

The research at Department of Environmental Science consider both the effects and the risk assessment of harmful chemicals and their impact of living organisms in the environment, including humans. The research is done in a combination of presence, i.e. measured concentrations in the environment and humans, as well as determining and assessing toxicity and a risk assessment of the impact on environmental and human.