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Staff members

List of staff members at Department of Environmental Science.

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Name Job title Email Phone Building
Stridsland, Thomas PhD Student str@envs.au.dk 7412, C1.18
Søfting, Jane Technical Consultant (guest) jso@envs.au.dk
Sørensen, Lise Lotte Senior Researcher - Head of section lls@envs.au.dk +4530183119 7404, 141
Sørensen, Martin Ole Bjært Member of Administrative Staff mbs@envs.au.dk +4587158528 7404 (111)
Thane, Tina Laboratory Technician tth@envs.au.dk +4587158614 7411, B2.18
Thomas, Daniel Charles PhD Student dath@envs.au.dk
Thyssen, Lasse Ahrenkiel Student au594833@envs.au.dk
Thøgersen, Mariane Schmidt Researcher mst@envs.au.dk +4561265235 7411, B2.12
Tranter, Martyn Professor martyn.tranter@envs.au.dk
Vorkamp, Katrin Professor kvo@envs.au.dk +4587158483
Wang, Liang Guest PhD student liangwang@envs.au.dk 7412, C2.10
Westaway, Richard Project Manager r.westaway@envs.au.dk
Winding, Anne Professor aw@envs.au.dk +4530254675 7411, B2.16
Winther, Morten Senior Advisor mwi@envs.au.dk +4587158578 7407, 117
Xing, Tingting Guest PhD student ttxing@envs.au.dk
Yan, Shiyu Researcher yansy@envs.au.dk +4587158726 7407, 116
Ye, Zhuyun Assistant Professor zye@envs.au.dk 7403, 100
Zandersen, Marianne Senior Researcher mz@envs.au.dk +4587158728 7407, 124
Zhang, Yanxia Assistant Professor, AIAS-COFUND Fellow yanxiazhang@envs.au.dk +4521303993
Zhu, Linyan Postdoc lzhu@envs.au.dk 7412, C2.12
Zimmer, Kathrina Student Worker
Zlatev, Zahari Emeritus zz@envs.au.dk +4587158503 7413, D1.45
Ørby, Pia Viuf Postdoc piv@envs.au.dk +4587158595 7413
Zhang, Zhaoxi PhD Student zhangzx@envs.au.dk +4587158726 7407, 128