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Staff members

List of staff members at Department of Environmental Science.

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Name Job title Email Phone Building
Messamah, Branwen Research and Communications Officer brm@envs.au.dk 7407, 120
Meulengracht, Tobias Laboratory Technician tome@envs.au.dk +4523227107 7412, C2.47
Mikkelsen, Mette Hjorth Special Consultant mhm@envs.au.dk +4587158579 7407, 111
Mongelli, Andrea Postdoc am@envs.au.dk 7412, C1.04
Monies, Christian Special Consultant cmo@envs.au.dk +4587158532 7413, D1.03
Mortensen, Keld IT Staff Member kem@envs.au.dk +4587158636 7413, D0.39
Morton-Hayward, Alexandra Louise Visiting Researcher ally@envs.au.dk 7412, C2.04
Mustapha, Salisu Guest PhD student 7407
Nainggolan, Doan Tenure Track Scientist dna@envs.au.dk +4587158629 7407, 118
Nanusha, Mulatu Yohannes Postdoc muna@envs.au.dk
Nielsen, Helle Ørsted Senior Researcher hon@envs.au.dk +4587165612
Nielsen, Malene Special Consultant mn@envs.au.dk +4587158628 7407, 113
Nielsen, Ole-Kenneth Senior Consultant okn@envs.au.dk +4587158478 7407, 112
Nielsen, Thomas Høj Laboratory Technician thha@envs.au.dk +4587158458 7413, D1.43
Nordstrøm, Claus Special Consultant cno@envs.au.dk +4587158521 7413, D1.31
Ntana, Fani Postdoc fntana@envs.au.dk 7411, B2.27
Odametey, Simeon NII Laryea Guest PhD student 7407
Olivas, Beatriz Gill Postdoc b.gillolivas@envs.au.dk
Pala, Nicolas Guest PhD student nicolas.pala@envs.au.dk 7412, C2.08
Panduro, Toke Emil Senior Researcher toke@envs.au.dk +4587158597 7407, 121
Pedersen, Anders Branth Senior Researcher abp@envs.au.dk +4587158545 7407, 131
Pedersen-Ulrich, Majbritt Department Secretary mu@envs.au.dk +4587158604 7413, D1.27
Perini, Laura Postdoc laper@envs.au.dk 7410, A2.45
Petersen, Kitty Kastalag Laboratory Technician kp@envs.au.dk +4587158737 7412, C2.45
Petersen, Lars Kjerulf Senior Researcher lkp@envs.au.dk +4587158575 7407, 133
Petersen, Pia Christina Hartvig Laboratory Technician pia@envs.au.dk +4587158471 7412, C2.12
Plejdrup, Marlene Schmidt Special Consultant msp@envs.au.dk +4587158627 7407, 112
Poulsen, Maria Bech Member of Administrative Staff mabp@envs.au.dk +4587158519 7413, D0.17
Poulsen, Mie Thorup Laboratory Technician mtp@envs.au.dk +4525580675 7412, C2.47
Poulsen, Rikke Postdoc rikkepoulsen@envs.au.dk 7412, C2.06
Pousinis, Petros Visiting Researcher ppousinis@envs.au.dk
Quistgaard, Thea PhD Student au728490@envs.au.dk
Raaschou-Nielsen, Ole Visiting professor ole@cancer.dk
Riedel, Jonna Laboratory Technician jri@envs.au.dk +4587158506 7413, D1.13
Russell, Hugo Savill PhD Student hugo.russell@envs.au.dk
Sahyoun, Maher Postdoc maher.sahyoun@envs.au.dk 7403, 103
Sanderson, Hans Senior Researcher hasa@envs.au.dk +4587158632 7412, C2.18
Sapkota, Rumakanta Researcher rs@envs.au.dk 7411, B2.23
Schiødt, Charlotte Dahl Laboratory Technician chds@envs.au.dk +4587158722 7412, C1.08
Sheikh, Sanea Visiting Researcher sanea.sheikh@envs.au.dk
Sipes, Katie Marie Postdoc ksipes@envs.au.dk
Skafte, Jørgen Logistics Manager jska@envs.au.dk +4587158674 7425, P1.07
Skjøth, Carsten Ambelas Visiting Professor c.skjoth@envs.au.dk
Skov, Henrik Professor hsk@envs.au.dk +4587158524 7413, D1.09
Skov Alanin, Katrine PhD Student ksala@envs.au.dk 7411, B2.23
Sorty, Ajay Madhusudan Postdoc amsorty@envs.au.dk
Spang, Charlotte Department Secretary csp@envs.au.dk +4587158548 7407, 132
Stausgaard, Lizzi Laboratory Technician lks@envs.au.dk +4587159002 7413, D1.33
Stevens, Ian Postdoc ian.stevens@envs.au.dk
Stougaard, Peter Professor pst@envs.au.dk +4587158476 7411, B2.12