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ENFORCES questionnaire

Smart Map Questionnaire

We would like to invite you to be part of the European project Enforces, which aims at encouraging the creation of new start-ups with a business model based on circular economy.


The Smart Map

The first basic tool of the project, called “Smart Map” aims at selecting relevant examples to be pointed out and marked in an interactive atlas (a navigable digital map) that will collect best practices around Europe. The Smart Map visualized in the digital atlas will gather in particular data on new trends in startup creation that will be analysed by selecting some best practice concerning innovative startups/companies in the field of food-related business using principles of the Circular Economy.


Why participating?

By agreeing to be included into the Smart Map, your company will be displayed at a European and global level as first runners and good examples of innovative companies entering market in the framework of the circular economy. Furthermore, the information that you will provide will be used as case study material for teaching new startups in the area of food industry in a circular economy. In other words, being part of this project allows your company to become part of a network of best cases / best practices in Europe, attracting at the same time the attention of possible partners in the future both in your country and on the international level. If you wish, you can be offered also a role in the project as Observer, or Ambassador, participating to the project events around Europe and giving you even more visibility in the project.


How to participate?

To be included into the Smart Map, we ask you to fill a short questionnaire (general info + 10 questions) regarding your company and its relationship with circular economy practices. The questionnaire is a Google form and can be compiled through this link:



Please note that if you agree to support this project by providing this information, you should be aware that your company name and information will be official available from the project homepage.