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Biological removal of environmental pollutants

The department has a high focus on research into chemical and biological conversion of substances. We have a particular focus on remedying man-made pollution and their effects on the original life of water and soil. It is an area of ​​increasing importance as a result of the ever-increasing development of new chemicals, the growing size of the population and the increasing pressure on welfare and water resources of the welfare. The research area has the potential to attract national and international funding as well as business cooperation.

At the department we work with themes such as:

  • Survey of groundwater resources
  • Analysis of pollutants in the groundwater, as well as microbial degradation of these substances and biotechnological solutions for the treatment of drinking water.
  • The role of microbial communities in the degradation of pollutants in wastewater, soil, groundwater and drinking water
    • Illumination of individual microbial species degradation potential
    • Isolation of breakdown bacteria or fungi for use in e.g. bioremediation
    • Microbial degradation pathways, enzymatic "tools" and genes.
  • Wastewater treatment - like
    • Degradation of micro-pollutants
    • Removal of N and P from drainage water
    • Restoration of lakes and streams.

The unique collaboration between the various research areas at Aarhus University creates a strong foundation for new knowledge, scientific breakthroughs and solutions to important societal challenges.