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The Department in general

The Department of Environmental Science conducts problem-oriented research, spanning environmental ecology, chemistry, and physics, as well as interactions between the environment and society in economic, political, and social terms. The department also performs research-based public administration and provides research-based advice.

With around 150 employees, plus students and guest researchers, our academic expertise ranges from: environmental chemistry, microbiology, and biotechnology; to atmospheric chemistry and physics; to environmental economics, geography, politics, and sociology.

If you have further questions after reading about our work, you are always welcome to contact one of our employees.

The Department of Environmental Science is located at Risø near Roskilde.

Research programs

The Department of Environmental Science works interdisciplinary with society's challenges, including 5 strategic growth areas.

Here, chemists, microbiologists, atmospheric physicians, geographers, engineers, economists, sociologists and political scientists contribute in close collaboration with methods and knowledge to create sustainable development.