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Entry to information about air pollution literature.

This page provides some guidance if you wish to find books, technical reports and scientific papers etc. on air pollution, authored by scientists from ENVS - Department of Environmental Science.

Status on air pollution in Denmark

AU publishes annual reports with results from the AU monitoring programmes. Many of these reports are in English, and they provide a good overview of the situation in Denmark.

Technical reports and scientific papers

You may search for papers, reports and other publications by using our

  • Publication search engine. The search is limited to publications, where at least one author is employed at the Department of Environmental Science.

An alternative: A broad search within the entire pool of publications produced by employees at Aarhus University.


Through the years as the National Environment Research Institute (NERI), the staff members at Department of Environmental Science have published a long line of scientific reports.

In 2011, NERI's report series have been replaced by report series by DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy.

You can find the relevant report series here: