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Air quality monitoring - results

We are in charge of national monitoring of air quality in Denmark. Monitoring takes place through a network of monitoring stations, supplemented by modelling. Below you will find an overview of our results of measurements.

On-line data (in Danish)

Access to recent measurement results from today and the previous week/month. For components measured with automatic instrumentation data are updated every hour. 

Map of monitoring stations

From the map there is access to information about the individual stations and the air pollution components measured at each station.

Monitoring results on an annual and multi-annual basis

Results are presented for a large number of air pollution components in the form of tables (a table for each year) and graphs (showing the trends over many years).

Database: Retrieve air quality data

Here you can generate graphs or tables with results of measurements of various pollutants. The database contains results aggregated on a yearly basis.

Description of the monitoring programme

We are responsible for a nation-wide network of air quality monitoring stations in Denmark. 

Annual monitoring reports

Reports with results from the monitoring programme. Many of these reports are in English, and they provide a good overview of the situation in Denmark.

Monitoring results from other countries

Links to monitoring data, compiled by international organisations (European Environment Agency and EMEP).