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Adaptation to Climate Change

The effects of climate change have already had significant observable and costly effects on societies and communities and across sectors and regions. Because of the inertia in the climate system, we need to adapt to a changing climate despite national and international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, our societies need to navigate adaptation policies and actions despite uncertainties in future climate projections and needs of climate adaptation.

Adaptation to climate change refers to changes in ecological, social and economic systems as a reaction to actual or expected climate changes. Adaptation can take place in processes, practices and structures in order to minimize the damages or maximize the benefits of climate change. Adaptation is necessary across sectors and across levels of decision making.

Department of Environmental Science works together with local authorities, regions and other research institutions to clarify and advance our understanding and handling of climate change effects on society.

A selection of the general questions that Department of Environmental Science works with include:

  • To what extent are public and private actors capable of adapting to climate change under uncertainties of future climate conditions?
  • What are costs and benefits of adapting to climate change under different climate change scenarios?
  • What are the welfare economic consequences of different climate scenarios on selected sectors?
  • How are everyday practices challenged in events of extreme weather?
  • How can a mainstreaming of climate adaptation across policy- and jurisdiction areas be secured?

Ongoing and finalised projects relating to climate adaptation cover studies in Denmark, Europe and selected developing countries:

  • Climate Adaptation – Why and How? (Environmental Library Book no. 3)
  • Bottom-up Climate Adaptation Strategies towards a Sustainable Europe (EU project BASE)
  • The European Climate Adaptation portal Climate-Adapt
  • Nordic Strategic Adaptation Research (NORDSTAR) [Center]
  • Climate adaptation and the social factor. Scientific report from NERI no. 726, 2009. Summary | Full report
  • Climate policy integration PEER work. Full report
  • Ecosystem based approaches to climate adaptation – possibilities and conflicts in urban areas. Scientific report from NERI no. 83, 2014. Summary | Full report
  • Ecosystem Services, Climate Adaptation and Nature quality in the suburban landscape (ØkoFORS)
  • ClimLandLive-Delta (Danida project)

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