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New Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry

Senior Scientist Henrik Skov has been appointed Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the Department of Environmental Science and the Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University. The professorship was established to strengthen research into the fate and impact of pollutants on the Arctic and globally.

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Professor Skov’s research is centred on chemical conversions in the atmosphere with a particular focus on Arctic and global questions, including climate change and pollution with ozone, particles, mercury and persistent organic pollutants (POPs), which are hardly degradable organic pollutants. He is a specialist in developing and applying methods to analyse atmospheric chemistry. He is head of the Villum Research Station, an Arctic research station being built at Station North, close to the northern tip of Greenland, and he was one of the driving forces behind the research reports that led to the ban on the sale and use of mercury throughout the world.

Professor Skov has extensive collaboration with Danish and international colleagues, and he is involved in a number of international projects and networks. He also works closely with universities including Harvard (USA) and Oxford (UK).

Professor Skov will examine the fate of pollutants in the air and try to provide answers regarding the impact of important air pollution components on humans, the environment and the climate.

In 1988, Henrik Skov graduated as a chemist and physicist from Odense University (now the University of Southern Denmark), where he completed his PhD in Atmospheric Chemistry in 1992 and was subsequently appointed assistant professor. He completed the practical work involved in writing his Master’s thesis and PhD dissertation during a five-year study period at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Ispra, Italy. In 1993, he was appointed senior scientist at Denmark’s National Environmental Research Institute (NERI), which became part of Aarhus University in 2007.

The new professor has published more than sixty articles in international journals.

Henrik Skov (51) is married to his colleague Rossana Bossi, and they have a daughter, Erika. The family lives in Jyllinge.


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