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Dario Caro

New Honorary Associate Professor at ENVS.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of research alumnus Dario Caro as Honorary Associate Professor at Aarhus University, and we look forward to his continued contribution and collaboration with the Department of Environmental Science, ENVS.

As a sustainability scientist, Dario specializes in impact assessments on the food and waste sectors. Exploring different methods and levels of analysis, the guiding aim of his research has been to assess sustainable alternatives to traditional management of agriculture, food production, and waste, and contribute to the advancement of sustainability in Europe.

After five and a half dedicated years at ENVS, he has moved on to a new position at the European Commission’s JRC unit in Sevilla, Spain, where he works in the “circular economy and industry leadership” unit in a scientific role that bridges the gap between stakeholders and Brussels-based policymakers.

Alongside his new role, his Honorary Associate Professorship means that he will be able to continue contributing and collaborating with AU. Dario looks back at his time here fondly; “I am very happy to continue with academic work and to not have to leave a place where I love to work.”

Among his achievements as part of ENVS, Dario published a highly successful, collaborative research paper that exposed a link between air pollution and covid-19 mortality. Yet he says that what stands out most for him is the young researchers’ network he built up, which attracted young talents from all over Europe for collaboration. He also hopes that he may have more opportunities to support and teach young researchers in the future.

Asked about his future ambitions, Dario says simply that “it would be enough for me just to know that in all my life I will do what I am doing now, contributing to sustainability advancement in Europe… to say one day to my son that what I have done has been helpful for him”.

Dario will be returning to ENVS to deliver an inaugural lecture on September 23rd, 2022, at ENVS’ Risø campus. Further details will be announced after the summer break.