Aarhus University Seal

Directions / Map

Department of Environmental Science
Aarhus Universitet
PO Box 358
Frederiksborgvej 399
DK-4000 Roskilde
Tel. +45 87 15 50 00
Fax. +45 87 15 50 10

Location of Department of Environmental Science

The main building is located west of Frederiksborgvej.

The Department of Environmental Science (ENVS) is located approximately 7 km north of Roskilde at the Risø peninsula.
The same gate gives access to both DTU Risø and Aarhus University.


When arriving at Risø, report to security staff at the gate. They will provide a guest pass.

Walk or drive to the Aarhus University building and report to the reception. They will contact your host during the visit.

Transport to the Department of Environmental Science


The nearest station is Roskilde Station. From here you can take a bus or taxi.

Visit Journeyplanner.dk for further information.


Taxi from Roskilde Station to Department of Environmental Science is approx. DKK 150 (20€)

Taxa (Roskilde): +45 46 75 75 75

Taxi from Copenhagen to Department of Environmental Science is approx. DKK 650 (90€)

Dantaxi (Copenhagen): +45 70 25 25 25 or dantaxi.dk


Take bus 600S from Roskilde. While some buses stop in front of Roskilde Station, bus 600S has its stop at the other side of the railroad (use a pedestrian tunnel from the West end of the platform). Get off at the Risø bus stop.

Visit Journeyplanner.dk for further information.


From route 21, take exit 10 (Roskilde Ø) and follow route 6 towards Hillerød until you meet a sign indicating "Risø".