Financial incentives can regulate people’s environmental behaviour.

2014.10.23 |

Climate policy initiatives under the microscope at global conference

Charging a price for CO2 in combination with reducing income tax could contribute to the battle against global climate change and environmental degradation without adversely affecting employment and welfare.

Senior researcher Hans Sanderson keeps an eye on laboratory technician Pia Petersen as she pours soapsuds down the drain with a clear conscience. They are both employed at the Department of Environmental Science, AU Roskilde. Photo: Steen Voigt, Aarhus University

2014.10.02 |

Surfactants do not harm the environment

You can brush your teeth, and wash yourself and your clothes with a clear conscience. The most common soaps, shampoos and detergents actually pose a minimal risk to the environment. This is the conclusion of a comprehensive survey that covers more than 250 scientific studies over several decades.

[Translate to English:] Post doc. Robert G. Peel, Aarhus Universitet. Foto: Jens C. Pedersen

2014.05.28 |

Scientists map the worst time of the day to be allergic to grass pollen

The grass pollen season is not just one 7-9 week period of agony for people allergic to grass pollen. The concentration of pollen in the air varies not only with the weather. According to a new Danish study, the flowering season can be divided into three different periods with different daily patterns. Based on this, the researchers provide new…

Ole Raaschou-Nielsen, Honorary Professor at Aarhus University and Head of Group at the Danish Cancer Society Research Centre

2014.04.08 |

Honorary professor will strengthen collaboration with health research

Head of Group Ole Raaschou-Nielsen has been appointed honorary professor at the Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University in Roskilde. The appointment is intended to strengthen collaboration between the university’s expertise in determining environmental exposures such as air pollution and Dr Raaschou-Nielsen’s own epidemiological…

Tetrahymena pyriformis viewed by fluorescence microscopy Photo: Dorothea Gilbert.

2014.03.26 |

New perspective for soil clean-up: Microbes transport PAH

Microscopic ciliates can increase the mobility of poisonous tar substances, PAHs, by up to 100-fold according to a new study carried out by Danish researchers. The results open new possibilities for cleaning soil contaminated with organic chemicals.

2014.02.05 |

New professor will strengthen molecular microbial ecology

Associate Professor Lars Hestbjerg Hansen has been appointed Professor of Molecular Microbiology at Aarhus University’s Department of Environmental Science in Roskilde. The professorship was established to strengthen molecular biology research into the outer environment based on DNA analysis. It will also form the basis for establishing a new…

[Translate to English:] Professor Ole Hertel, Aarhus Universitet

2014.01.21 |

More diseases from air pollution uncovered by improved data material

Good health and personal registers in combination with model calculations of air pollution down to an individual address has helped Danish researchers to become among the very best in the world to detect harmful diseases deriving from polluted air.

2014.01.07 |

New professor is a specialist in air pollution modelling

Senior Scientist Ole Hertel has been appointed Professor with special responsibilities (MSO) in Atmospheric Modelling at the Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University.

2013.12.17 |

New Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry

Senior Scientist Henrik Skov has been appointed Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry at the Department of Environmental Science and the Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University. The professorship was established to strengthen research into the fate and impact of pollutants on the Arctic and globally.

2013.12.18 |

New professor specialises in air pollution

Senior Scientist Jørgen Brandt has been appointed Professor of Atmospheric Modelling at the Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University. The professorship was established to strengthen research into air pollution and its impact on health, nature and the climate.

2013.11.27 |

Mette Termansen in new bio economy panel

Professor Mette Termansen, ENVS, has been appointed as member of the National Bio Economy Panel (Det Nationale Bioøkonomi-panel), recently created by the Danish government.

2013.11.18 |


Jeremy David Silver, Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University, has been awarded the Lundbeck Foundation’s Talent Prize 2013. The prize is awarded to scientists under 30 years of age who have distinguished themselves in their field of science.

2013.07.08 |

Professor in environmental economics Mette Termansen in Science

In cooperation with an English research team, Professor Mette Termansen has paper accepted in Science about the English Ecosystem services assessment (UK NEA).

2013.07.02 |

Costs of air pollution in Europe

The news letter Science for Environment Policy published by European Commission DG Environment News Alert Service has highlighted a new scientific paper on past, present and future costs of air pollution in Europe. The principal authors of the paper are scientists from the Department of Environmental Science.

Aarhus University currently has a modest hut and air measurement facility at Station North. The major new grant now makes it possible to extend the facilities significantly.

2013.01.29 |

Aarhus University builds research station in North Greenland

Researchers from Department of Environmental Science are now making a start on setting up an ultra-modern research station right up in the northernmost part of Greenland. Here they will study climate change and its impact on the air, sea, geology, fauna and flora in the High Arctic region. Project Manager Henrik Skov, Aarhus University, expects…

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