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Examples of recent and ongoing projects

  • Health Effects Institute (HEI) project "ELAPSE" on health effects of air pollution exposure at low loading: Mortality and morbidity effects of long-term exposure to low-level PM2.5, Black Carbon, NO2 and O3: an analysis of European cohorts. Abstract at HEI web site 
  • NordForsk project NordicWelfAir http://nordicwelfair.au.dk  | Press release (Danish)
  • Health Effects Institute (HEI) project "HERMES" on exposure to several pollutants (including particle number as new pollutant) and transportation noise and evaluate the roles of socioeconomic status, green space, physical activity, diet, and stress. Abstract at HEI web site 
  • Health Effects Institute (HEI) project on "Impact of Exposure to Air Pollution on Asthma: a Multi-Exposure Assessment". Abstract at HEI web site
  • Big Data Centre for Environment and Health (BERTHA), funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation, is a cross-disciplinary research centre focusing on individual level life course environmental and social influences and human health. Link to the BERTHA website: http://bertha.au.dk/
  • DCE project on Health effects and external costs from air pollution in Denmark over 25 years. Excerpt from project description (in Danish, opens in new window).
  • Establishment of interdisciplinary network air pollution and Health at Aarhus University. Excerpt from project description (opens in new window).
  • DCE project WOODMAD on pollution from wood stoves.
  • PhD project on health effects related fungal spores
  • PhD project on health effects of pollen and ozone combination
  • DCE project on allergen exposure with focus on identification of fungal spores
  • AUFF project on air-pollution and drinking water - a population-based cohort study of environmental risk factors for ADHD

See also: Our comprehensive set of web pages on air pollution (measurements, modelling, emission inventories etc.)