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Examples of recent and ongoing projects

Projects within Arctic research in the Department of Environmental Science are listed below.

  • Villum Research Station - VRS (Station Nord). Web site for Villum Research Station. (HSK)
  • Effects of short lived pollutants on atmospheric chemistry, health and climate in the Nordic and the Arctic region (FREYA). (ULAS)
  • AMAP CORE Air*. (HSK)
  • Climate forcers in the High Arctic (CLIF). (HSK)
  • Meteorology and pollution in the Arctic (Metapol). (ANMA)
  • PhD project (Robert Lange). NUMEN. (ANMA)
    PhD project (Ingeborg, JAKN)
  • Transport of non-methane hydrocarbons. (RBO).
  • Verification/intercalibration of POP sampling. (RBO)
    CAMS 84. (KMH)
  • Model validation.(KMH)
  • Impact of black carbon on air quality and climate in Northern Europe and Arctic. CarbonNord. (CAG)
  • Emissions from shiPs and the Impacts on human healTh and envirOnMEnt in the nordic - now and in the future. EPITOME. (CAG)
  • Dechloran plus. (KVO)
    SCCP. (KVO)
  • Contaminants peregrine falcon eggs. (KVO)
  • Brominated flame retardants in pilot whales. (KVO)
    AMAP Core biota.(KVO/RBO)
  • AMAP assessment new contaminants.(KVO)
  • AMAP assessment POP and climate. (KVO)