Aarhus Universitets segl

General information


Information letter  in English

Information letter in Danish

Reference card of using camera

Who can participate?

Any adult over 18 years old living in Copenhagen with a CPR.

What will happen during the participation?

The research area is located within the inner city of Copenhagen.  During participation, volunteers will wear a sensor package with three devices: a wearable camera, a health tracker, and a GPS to conduct a city tour independently. The GPS will record the locations, the health tracker will record physiological reactions, and the camera will record urban experiences.

The participation may take between two to six hours, and volunteers are free to decide when and where to start/complete the city tour.


  • Registration
  • Sign a consent form for people who decide to participate
  • Confirm the date & time for participation
  • Watch the video ¨introduction to the devices¨


  • Show up with your  ID to pick up the sensor package from the researcherTest and coordinate the sensor
  • A short training about wearing sensors
  • Complete a 10 minute pre-survey ( The link to the survey will be sent after picking up the  sensors, please fill in ¨sensor number + date¨ rather than any personal identification)
  • Bring the reference card  with you, which will remind you of the use/non-use of thecamera and help explain to others may concernWear the sensors and walk around the research area (2-6 hours)


  • Return the sensor package within the day (sensors can not be brought home)
  • Complete a 5 minute post-survey